SlowGold™ 8 Music Slowdown Program for Windows Computers

SlowGold™ 8 Music Slowdown Program for Windows Computers

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If you like, you can just download the installer from here and use the free trial. Come back to this page when you want a key after the trial period expires in a couple of weeks.

Social Distancing Pricing

To help musicians and anyone else entertain and educate themselves during this sad period, the World Wide Woodshed is making the esteemed music slowdown tool SlowGold available for whatever you feel good about paying. If you are suffering a major income loss due to COVID-19, please pay nothing.

Stay safe, sane, and as happy as you can manage.

SlowGold™ is a program for Windows PCs that allows you to radically slow down music and loop music without changing the pitch.

It makes it simple for you to slice the music up into easily-digestible pieces, so you can really hear what’s going on and play along.

A lot of times, the most amazing passages on an instrument are thrilling to listen to, but they go by so fast that you can’t really understand what is going on musically. You’d like to play the same thing, just to know you can, and then (if you’re an improviser) maybe to “generalize” the lick and adapt it to a variety of songs.

But first, you have to hear what’s being played at a speed that allows you to understand it.

Play individual phrases back at very slow speeds to hear exactly what is going on in the music, or play them at moderate speeds to practice along with the masters and really get all the details of the phrasing. It’s all in your power with SlowGold.

SlowGold lets you use every track in your digital music library as a course in how to make great music, which you take at your own speed. Amaze and amuse your friends with your interpretations of ultra-hip licks! Or just quietly improve your skills and musical understanding by learning from your favorite musicians, if that’s more your speed.

Supports .mp3, .flac, .aif, .aiff, .wav, .wave formats.

Customer Reviews

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A Functional Slowdowner at a Nice Price

SlowGold is being offered at no charge. (Pay what you feel is right for you.)
I had lost the program after I had to replace my old computer that crapped out. I looked at other programs that are slicker, but they cost a lot, and in these times, I really need to keep expenses down. So it was with great relief that I saw I could still get SlowGold with the optional payment.

Slowing down or speeding up tunes on SlowGold is not difficult at all--and that's probably 95% or more of what I do with a slowdowner program: slow down tunes and jazz solos by the masters in order to learn them--and speed up my own recordings, to make them actually sound good, lol...! I also sometimes like to transpose the key. So SlowGold8 is great for me. I can't speak to any other functions. To be honest, I think SlowGold is a bit mystifying in terms of the more sophisticated stuff, could be more intuitive. But I feel that way about all the programs, lol. Anyway, thanks, guys, for taking care of this musical need during difficult times.


SlowGold™ 8 Music Slowdown Program for Windows Computers

Slowgold 8

Slow gold 8 has enabled me to change into a different key or speed.I am thrilled with this program and would recommend for all musicians.

Best tool for learning songs

I have been using SlowGold for a number of years and it has been an invaluable tool in my progress as a musician.

Slow gold

I’ve been using SlowGold for 15 ?? years now. It still has the easiest to use and most intuitive user interface of all slow down software.

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